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Relaxation Audios

To help me beat stress, pain and problems as soon as I download and listen.

Relaxing Music

You deserve to relax. In fact relaxation has countless health benefits ranging from the physical to the mental. The Relaxing Music series of albums from the Wellness Audio Institute are specifically designed to help you get some much-needed relaxation. Browse and listen to samples, then buy the ones that are most relaxing for you!

Forest Sounds with Music

The Forest Sounds with Music album features the calming sounds of a gentle forest wind, leaves rustling along the ground and the songs of birds behind relaxing music. Whether you use the album as background noise at home or work, or whether you use it as a powerful all-natural sleep aid, you'll enjoy being taken away to a warm afternoon in a wooded glade.

Gentle Stream with Music

The Gentle Stream with Music album features the calming sounds of a babbling brook in the background over gently soothing music. These calming sounds are a perfect sleep or relaxation aid, and make for a beautifully calming ambient soundtrack whevever your need a break from an otherwise busy life.

Night Sounds with Music

The Night Sounds with Music album contains the sounds of crickets and other night insects, a gentle breeze and even the occasional owl over the top of relaxing music. These calming sounds help your mind to relax and unwind from daytime stress. Whether you just want some calming ambient noise or you need some help getting to sleep at night, the Night Sounds album makes a wonderful choice.

Ocean Waves with Music

The Ocean Waves with Music album features the calming sounds of relaxing music and ocean waves as they gently lap at a sandy beach. Gentle breezes also pass by, creating a truly relaxing and peaceful ambiance. Whether you use the album to relax or help you fall asleep, you'll enjoy the serene sounds of this tropical setting.

Relaxing Rain with Music

The Relaxing Rain album features calming and relaxing rain sounds and gentle music. You'll hear the gentle pitter patter of the rain as it falls, washing away the day's stress. This album makes an effective sleep aid, and is useful for unwinding at the end of a long day.

Thunderstorm with Music

The Thunderstorm with Music album contains all of the storm sounds you expect, including thunder, rain and wind, as they are mixed with soothing music. This album is excellent ambient noise for an evening of snuggling at home. The repetitive tapping of the rain is perfect for helping you to relax after a hard day, and you can use this album as a sleep aid, as well.

Whale Song with Music

The Whale Song with Music album features a number of tranquil sounds of the ocean and relaxing music. You'll hear the songs of whales, the swish of the water as the ocean creatures pass through it effortlessly, and the rising of bubbles as they make their journey to the open air. This album can help you relax, wind down from a long day, or just experience a few minutes of serenity.

White Noise with Music

The White Noise with Music album contains pure white noise of the smoothest blend possible mixed with relaxing music. Whether you want to block out distracting noises, calm your mind, or use it as a great all-natural sleep aid, white noise is a simple yet powerful sound of many uses.

Deep Peace (with Entrainment)

Experience complete relaxation and deep peace with this soothing music combined with relaxing entrainment technology.

Inner Calm (with Entrainment)

Discover inner calm with this soothing music combined with relaxing entrainment technology.

Joyful Relaxation (with Entrainment)

Experience joyful relaxation with this soothing music combined with relaxing entrainment technolocy.

Quiettude (with Entrainment)

Quiet your mind and body as you relax to this soothing music and relaxing entrainment technology

Serene Drops (with Entrainment)

Float into total relaxation with this soothing music combined with relaxing entrainment technology.

Stillness (with Entrainment)

Relax and experience inner stillness with this soothing music combined with relaxing entrainment technology.

Summer Ease (with Entrainment)

A soft summer relaxing melody will transport you to total relaxation with this soothing music and relaxing entrainment.

Tranquility (with Entrainment)

Experience deep relaxation and tranquility as you listen to gentle melodies combined with a relaxing entrainment session.

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