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Relaxation Audios

To help me beat stress, pain and problems as soon as I download and listen.


Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to change your life for the better. Browse and listen to the samples from the Wellness Audio affirmation audio library, then buy the ones that are right for you!

Affirmations for Anxiety

Overcome your anxiety with scientifically proven affirmations spoken over a bed of relaxing music. This album is an easy and all-natural way to regain your self-confidence, reclaim your feelings of safety and security, and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. As you start to take ownership of the uplifting messages in these positive affirmations, you will begin to enjoy your new anxiety-free reality.

Emotional Centering

Finding your emotional center is easy with the help of positive affirmations. The affirmations in this album are a great way to learn to stay calm under pressure, keep your focus, and resist the trap of emotional reactivity. As you start to claim your emotional center more and more, you will experience life in a whole new, empowering way.

Happiness Affirmations

You CAN be happy! This album's positive affirmations spoken over uplifting music are a great way to start allowing yourself to experience the happiness and joy that is always all around us, if we just know how to find and hold onto it. Learn to claim your true inner peace and tranquility. Happiness can be yours!

Affirmations for Healing

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but most people never learn to tap into their own awesome healing power. This album will train you to do just that! Activate your body's innate healing powers with scientifically proven affirmations spoken over a bed of healing music. The affirmations in this album are an all-natural, easy way to help you put pain and sickness behind you, heal yourself with the power of your mind, and put pain and sickness behind you, once and for all.

Affirmations for Success

You deserve success! The affirmations and inspirational music in this album will help you achieve your goals and train you to have the all-important success mindset. Learn to accomplish anything. Experience the limitless possibilities of life. Achieve your goals, and make the success you deserve with the help of these time-tested affirmations.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Losing weight can be easy with the added boost of scientifically-proven, positive affirmations! One of the hardest things to do when trying to lose weight is learning to stay motivated to make healthy choices over the long-run. In fact, that's where most people fail at weight loss plans - they simply give up after a short run of success. This album is filled with positive affirmations that are proven to help you lose weight and stay motivated forllasting weight loss!

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