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Night Sounds

Relax with the peaceful sounds of the world at rest.

  • Hear the crickets as they create their nighttime sonata, calling out to one another.
  • Enjoy the sounds of the occasional gentle breeze as it passes over the nighttime grass.
  • Listen for the own in the distance as he calls out, and stands guard over the darkness.

This album can put you at peace with the gentle sounds of nature at night.

The Night Sounds album helps put your mind and body into a soothing nighttime mood. The album features the sounds of crickets and other soothing night insects, a gentle wind and even an occasional owl off in the distance.

You can use the album to wind down from a long day, to set a mood or even to help yourself go to sleep.

Buy the Night Sounds today to soothe your mind and free yourself from daytime cares.

Night Sounds
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Album Testimonial

This will be a quick email, but I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the Night Sounds album. I play it most every evening to help me unwind and relax before bedtime. The sounds on it help me slow myself down and I sometimes play it at night on repeat to help me sleep. This is a great album and I can't wait to buy more from your nature series!



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Album Overview

  • The Night Sounds album contains the relaxing sounds of nature at rest. This album, like all albums in our Nature Series, contains pure nature sounds, with nothing more and nothing less. Since there is no background music or entrainment, you can use this album for a wide variety of uses anytime you need 100% natural and soothing nature sounds.


    • Night Sounds (60:00)
      This sound plays for a full 60 minutes and contains 100% natural and soothing nature sounds. Because it has gentle fades at the beginning and end, it can be played on repeat whenever needed.


    MP3 Details:

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Album Instructions

  • Use your choice of nature sounds recordings to experience the relaxing and comforting ambiance of nature whenever and wherever you happen to be. Simply play the recording at a comfortable volume - using headphones or speakers - and allow the soothing soundscape to calm your mind and body.

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