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Sharpen your mind, intensify your focus and reduce performance anxiety.

  • Do you find yourself unable to pay attention, even at the most important times?
  • Are you constantly frustrated with your inability to focus?
  • Does performance anxiety keep you from doing the best you can when faced with a complex task?
  • Do you sometimes need a jump-start when it comes to your creative thinking?

Use this album to help increase your mental acuity and improve your focus.

The Focus album helps to reduce your overall frustration and performance anxiety when you’re performing complex tasks. The sessions on this album can help you to complete these tasks more easily, and to experience a higher degree of overall focus and creativity.

The album can help to sharpen your mind and help you fully utilize the power of your own brain in difficult situations

Buy the focus album today to improve your focus and empower your mind to complete both creative and complex tasks.

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Album Testimonial

Before I discovered the Focus album from The Wellness Audio Institute, it was frequently hard for me to stay on task when performing various tasks. However, with this album playing in the background, I am now able to stay focused and on task for much longer than ever before! It is good knowing that I have the ability to focus, even if I need a little help. And, the fact that this is all-natural makes me feel much better than taking medication.



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Album Overview

  • The Focus album contains two separate sessions designed to help increase your performance when completing certain tasks. The first session relies on correcting a hemispheric imbalance to reduce performance anxiety, sharpen your mind and help you complete complex mental tasks. The second session uses low Beta and high Alpha to keep your creative juices flowing when you most need them.


    • Focus for Complex Tasks (23:00)
      This session focuses the right brain hemisphere while speeding up and stimulating the left hemisphere. This acts to reduce performance anxiety and frustration while at the same time sharpening the mind and giving it the ability to more easily complete complex mental tasks.

    • Focus for Creative Tasks (30:00)
      "Creative Focus" refers to the intensely focused creative state that artists, writers and performers exhibit while bringing their vision into reality. This session acts to create a mental state dominated by low beta (helping promote focus) and high alpha to reduce frustration and keep the creative juices flowing. It may also be useful while reading fiction or engaging in other activities that may benefit from increased creative focus.


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Album Instructions

  • Before each session, be sure you are well hydrated.

    These sessions are designed to be used with eyes open, while engaging in complex tasks, or creative tasks, that require enhanced concentration.

    The "Focus for Complex Tasks" session requires the use of headphones. The "Focus for Creative Tasks" session can be played with or without headphones, although if you are in a noisy environment headphones are recommended.

Album Reviews

, Jan 10 2013

By Kandace

This really helps me focus on any task that requires sustained attention. I am so impressed at what a simple audio can do for me, but this is really helpful!

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