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Increase your creativity levels, spur imaginative thinking and break out of your mental rut.

  • Do you work in a field that requires constant creativity, innovation and imagination?
  • Are you under constant pressure from your boss to think “outside of the box” and come up with new ways to do things?
  • Would you like to free your imagination and put it to work dreaming up solutions to real-world problems?

Use this album to train your brain to formulate new ideas and find creative solutions.

The Brainstorming album acts to help encourage your brain to make new mental connections, and to help train it to create new ideas. Rather than using the kinds of structured entrainment protocols you’ll find in other albums, the Brainstorming album instead jumps frequencies over and over again in what your brain will perceive as a random fashion. The result is a barrage of ideas, memories and emotions, all of which help your mind to find creative solutions and connect unrelated concepts.

Buy the brainstorming album and stimulate your brain’s creative problem-solving centers.

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Album Testimonial

As a business owner, I depend on being able to generate good ideas and brainstorm effectively. This simple album has completely revolutionized how I conduct brainstorming sessions and has helped me develop many new ideas for my business that are now beginning to pay off! One idea this album helped generate has actually turned into a new business venture that has shown the potential to become very profitable and another idea has helped streamline an existing process which saves me about 2 hours each day! Needless to say, I am a very happy customer!



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Album Overview

  • The Brainstorming album contains two separate sessions, each designed to help free your mind to be truly creative. The first is designed to help you come up with new ideas and solutions to everyday problems. The second trains your brain to think out of the box, view your world in a holistic fashion and connect unrelated concepts.


    • Brainstorming & Idea Generation (15:00)
      This is a low beta/SMR session designed to facilitate attention and focus while studying or working.

    • Out-of-the-Box Thinking (15:00)
      This is another low beta/SMR session designed to facilitate attention and focus while studying or working.


    MP3 Details:

    • 2 MP3 files (Total download size = 55.0 MB)
    • Instantly available for download.

Album Instructions

  • Before each session, be sure you are well hydrated.

    Use these sessions when brainstorming, inventing, or analyzing creative ideas. Your eyes can be open or closed depending on what is most comfortable to you.

    The "Out of the Box Thinking" session requires the use of headphones. The "Brainstorming & Idea Generation" session can be played with or without headphones, although if you are in a noisy environment headphones are recommended.

Album Reviews

, Jan 10 2013

By Brian

I've been using this album now for the last 2 months, whenever I need to generate new, creative ideas. I'm always surprised at the ideas that pop into my head when I'm listening to this, and the great ideas that I have when I'm done with the session!

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