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Deep Theta Meditation

Experience the benefits of deep meditation and REM sleep.

  • Did you know that deep meditation is believed to offer significant health benefits, such as a reduced risk of heart disease?
  • Would you like to reduce your stress levels, increase your energy and sharpen your focus?
  • Would you like to achieve a deep meditative state and the benefits that come with it?

Use this album to relax your mind and body and achieve a deep Theta meditation.

The Deep Theta Meditation album is designed to bring your mind into a deep meditative state. This level of meditation is so deep that many people fall asleep during a session. Other listeners may experience lucid visualizations and dreams, as this level of Theta is similar to what exists during REM sleep. This album can help bring you into that deep meditative state.

Buy the Deep Theta Meditation album today and experience the benefit of deep meditation.

Deep Theta Meditation
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Album Testimonial

I wanted to update you on my purchase of the Deep Theta Meditation album because I have enjoyed it so much! This album really has helped me easily meditate and go deeper than ever before with my daily meditations. I've tried for a long time to experience this deep of a meditation, but until I started using this album, I was never quite able to do it. But now with the Deep Theta Meditation album, I am able to meditate deeply and easily every day.



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Album Overview

  • The Deep Theta Meditation album contains five different sessions each designed to help the listener achieve the benefits of deep meditation quickly and easily. The first session ramps down in slow steps to 5.5 Hz. The second relies on an alternating stimulation between the ears, and is geared for hyperactive listeners. The Dissociative session is useful for unsettled individuals, while the Variable Onset is ideal for someone who has trouble entering a meditative state.


    • Deep Theta Meditation (50:00)
      This is a deep theta meditation, ramping in steps slowly down to 5.5 Hz. Many people find this session is so deep that they fall asleep during the session. Others may experience lucid visualizations, since this level of Theta is closely correlated with REM sleep.

    • Deep Theta Meditation - Alternating (50:00)
      (Same as "Deep Theta Meditation" except for the protocol which is described next.) This session also uses a protocol which alternates stimulation between the left and right ears which is particularly useful for people who are hyperactive.
    • Deep Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats (50:00)
      (Same as "Deep Theta Meditation" except for the protocol which is described next.) Note that this session uses binaural beats instead of relaxing sounds for the regular "Deep Theta Meditation" session.

    • Deep Theta Meditation - Dissociative (50:00)
      (Same as "Deep Theta Meditation" except for the protocol which is described next.) This session also uses a technique called Dissociation which is particularly useful for people who are restless and have trouble relaxing.

    • Deep Theta Meditation - Variable Onset (50:00)
      (Same as "Deep Theta Meditation" except for the protocol which is described next.) This session also uses a "Variable Onset" technique, which involves using several ramps, each starting at a lower frequency. This method is useful for people who have trouble entering trance states or relaxing on their own.


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Album Instructions

  • Play the session of your choice is a quiet, comfortable place that is free of distractions. It is recommended that you listen to the session in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax.

    The regular or variable onset sessions can be played with or without headphones, although if you are in a noisy environment headphones are recommended. Headphones are required for the alternating session, the binaural beats session, and the dissociative session.

    During the session, you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

Album Reviews

, Jan 09 2013

By daria

This album helps me go DEEP into meditation quickly and easily. It's amazing! I've meditated lots before, but this is like a fast-track to states that I've only previously attained on a few occasions. Needless to say, I will be trying many other of your albums!

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