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Mood Elevator & Support

Fight depression, raise your mood, increase motivation and energize your life!

  • Do you suffer from chronic depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?
  • Has it been a long time since you’ve really felt happy?
  • Do you no longer enjoy participating in your favorite hobbies and activities?
  • Are you listless and unmotivated?

Use this album to combat the blues, increase your energy levels and improve motivation.

The Mood Elevator and Support album uses a number of techniques, including Gamma protocols and Theta waves to help you stave off depressions. It attempts to stimulate the left-hemisphere logical side of your brain while relaxing the right-hemisphere irrational and overly-emotional side. Whether you’re experiencing a simple bout of depression, chronic depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder, this album can help.

Buy the Mood Elevator and Support album today to aid in your battle with depression.

Mood Elevator & Support
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Album Testimonial

I have struggled my whole life with depression, but I have to tell you how happy I am with the Mood Elevator and Support album! This album is able to help me feel more healthy and happy and has been an important part of a turnaround in my life recently. Thank you so very, very much!!



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Album Overview

  • The Mood Elevator and Support album contains three separate sessions, all designed to improve your mood.


    • Mood Elevator (Gamma) (35:00)
      This session uses a stimulating gamma protocol to raise mood, energize and motivate the listener.

    • Mood Support for Persistent Depression (30:00)
      This session helps to correct a hemispheric asymmetry that is common in depressed individuals. Persistently depressed people tend to have an overactive right (emotional) hemisphere. This session therefore reduces activity in the right brain hemisphere, while increasing activity in the left, giving more control over to the left (logical) brain and reducing irrational and overly emotional thought patterns.

    • Mood Support for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (21:00)
      Depression is often grouped into a category called "slow-wave" disorders. Depressed individuals tend to have an overabundance of slow wave activity, such as Theta, particularly those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This session attempts to correct this by speeding up the listener's brainwaves, reducing slow wave activity and increasing blood flow in the brain.


    MP3 Details:

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Album Instructions

  • Before each session, be sure you are well hydrated.

    If possible, play the session of your choice is a quiet, comfortable place that is free of distractions.

    The "Mood Elevator" session is designed to be used with eyes open or closed, in the morning or afternoon - anytime you need to elevate your mood. This session can be used with headphones or speakers, although if you are in a noisy environment headphones are recommended.

    The "Mood Support for Persistent Depression" and "Mood Support for SAD" sessions are designed to be used with eyes closed. After starting these sessions, close your eyes and relax. The "Mood Support for Persistent Depression" session requires the use of headphones, while the "Mood Support for SAD" session can be used with headphones or speakers, although if you are in a noisy environment headphones are recommended.

Album Reviews

, Jan 09 2013

By Erin

I have struggled with depression on and off for my whole life. This album has really helped me feel better and has helped me shake off my depression and feel happier without the side effects I've experienced with drug therapy. Thank you so much!

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