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Medical Procedures

Help address pain and anxiety both during your medical procedures.

  • Do you have an upcoming medical procedure that’s causing you stress and anxiety?
  • Are you preparing for a root canal, childbirth or other painful medical procedure?
  • Are you concerned that you won’t be able to handle the pain of the procedure, yet your physician is recommending against a general anesthetic?
  • Does the mere thought of the procedure make you cringe?

Use this album during your medical procedure to help you relax and to reduce your experience of pain.

The Medical Procedures album relies on Alpha entrainment to reduce your anxiety or relieve pain during medical procedures. You can actually listen to these procedures during the medical procedure. Whether you’re concerned about the pain of the procedure or about the anxiety you’ll experience during it, this album can help address your concerns.

Buy the Medical Procedures album today to reduce the pain and anxiety of your upcoming procedure.

Medical Procedures
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Album Testimonial

I have to tell you that I bought the Medical Procedures album before undergoing a surgery that I was very anxious about and worried about the pain. Well, that album was truly a life-saver! I used it during the procedure and it worked great! Not only was I no longer anxious about the procedure, but it helped control the pain as well. Thank you so much!



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Album Overview

  • Two sessions to help relive pain and anxiety during medical procedures.


    • Anxiety Reduction for Medical Procedures (60:00)
      This is an anxiety-reducing session that uses Alpha entrainment, and is based on the endodontic anxiety study by Morse, et al. This session is intended to be listened to during any anxiety-provoking medical procedure.

    • Pain Relief for Medical Procedures (60:00)
      This is a pain-reducing session that uses Alpha entrainment, and is based on the endoscopy pain study by T. Nomura. This session is intended to be listened to during any pain-inducing medical procedure.


    MP3 Details:

    • 2 MP3 files (Total download size = 219.8 MB)
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Album Instructions

  • Before each session, be sure you are well hydrated.

    Play the session of your choice during any medical procedure that is expected to be either anxiety provoking or painful. Play the session with headphones until the medical procedure is finished, and let the audio play for at least a few minutes past the end of the procedure. Gradually decrease the volume of the recording when finished, so the audio will gently fade out.

Album Reviews

, Jan 09 2013

By Sarah

Before I went in to the hospital for major surgery, a friend suggested I use this album as a way of helping me through the procedure. I did, and everything went great! Thanks for helping me through something very difficult.

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