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Energy & Motivation

Boost your energy and get the motivation you need to succeed!

  • Do you have trouble getting started on a project or activity?
  • Does low energy prevent you from doing the things you enjoy?
  • Is a lack of motivation keeping you from getting ahead at work?
  • Are there days when you just can’t seem to get yourself going in the direction you need and want to go?

This album can help build the energy you need to tackle and overcome all of the challenges and activities that make up your day.

The Energy & Motivation album stimulates areas of the brain that help you to overcome fatigue and listlessness. Three separate sessions each take aim at specific areas in the brain, helping to reinvigorate you and get you moving. Both Beta and Gamma stimulation work together to alleviate your feelings of laziness and to help you get the things done that need to be done on a daily basis.

Buy the Energy & Motivation album today to overcome fatigue and significantly increase your energy level.

Energy & Motivation
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Album Testimonial

Whenever I need a little "pick me up" the Energy and Motivation album is just what I need. In just a short amount of time listening to it, I can be energized and motivated to take on whatever I need to do that day. This is really a great album and it has helped me in so many ways!



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Album Overview

  • Three sessions are included that stimulate the brain by using different frequencies to motivate and energize the listener.


    • Energizer (15:00)
      This session energizes the listener by ramping up from 15Hz to higher beta frequencies like 18 Hz and 20Hz, which have been shown to be very reinvigorating and helpful with excessing fatigue.

    • Gamma Energizer (20:00)
      This session energizes the listener by slowly ramping up from 15Hz to 40Hz gamma entrainment.

    • Motivator (15:00)
      This session energizes and motivates the listener by ramping from 15Hz to 18 Hz beta, relieving symptoms of fatigue and listlessness.


    MP3 Details:

    • 3 MP3 files (Total download size = 91.6 MB)
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Album Instructions

  • Before each session, be sure you are well hydrated.

    Use the session of your choice in the morning or afternoon - anytime you need a burst of energy or motivation. These sessions can be listened to with eyes open or closed - whichever is most comfortable to you at the time.

    These sessions can be listened to with headphones or speakers.

Album Reviews

, Jan 09 2013

By Kelly

It's amazing the amount of energy I feel after listening to this album. It's like I've plugged myself into a new source of energy inside me that I never knew existed. It's incredible the power our minds have on our bodies!! This is completely natural, but it's more powerful than any drug out there!

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