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Empower your mind to help increase your health today. Take a look at our Wellness Audio Health albums and buy the one that’s right for you.



Addiction & Dependency Album

The Addiction & Recovery album includes three sessions, all of which are designed to help strengthen your resolve and help you resist the urge to self-medicate. The album uses Alpha and Theta waves (a common component of drugs and alcohol) to correct a brainwave deficiency that's commonly found in people with addictive personalities. There are sessions utilizing both Dissociation and Variable Onset to help you relax and gain the full benefit of the album.

ADHD Relief

Four separate sessions make up the ADHD Relief Album, and all four work together to help alleviate your ADHD symptoms. The first session helps combat ADHD by stimulating Alpha and SMR in the right hemisphere, as well as Alpha and Beta in the left. The ADHD Enhanced Session stimulates Beta and Gamma in the left and SMR in the right, and is built on the cognitive research of Carter, Russel, Diever and Olmstead. The final two sessions are each part of a two-part series used together to help you overcome your ADHD struggles.

Anxiety Reduction

The recordings on the Anxiety Reduction album use a variety of techniques to help you deal with your anxiety. They rely on Alpha stimulation to help you relax and gain control of your life. There are multiple sessions that battle your anxiety from multiple angles. Some people may respond better to the Alpha sessions, while others may respond more to the Beta or SMR sessions. Regardless, there is a session that can help you overcome your anxiety.

Caffeine Replacement

Caffeine is a stimulant, and one that has many known side effects. The Wake Up! Album uses proven protocols developed by Michael Triggs, one of the premier entrainment enthusiasts. It utilizes a slow binaural beat with rising pitch and 18Hz (Beta) stimulus to wake you up and leave you feeling energized all day long, without the harmful effects of caffeine.

Chronic Pain Relief

The Chronic Pain Relief album uses Sub-Delta frequencies to calm your limbic system. These frequencies can help with conditions that cause chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia by soothing the hypothalamus and the amygdala, which operate at Delta frequencies. The album also contains a nighttime session that slows down the brain into a state of deep sleep, bypassing your chronic pain in the process.

Energy & Motivation

The three Energy & Motivation sessions focus on stimulating specific frequencies in the brain. The Energizer session ramps up from 15Hz to beta frequencies like 18Hz and 20Hz, all of which have been shown to have an invigorating effect. The Gamma Energizer session ramps up slowly from 15Hz to a 40Hz Gamma entrainment. Finally, the Motivator session hones in on the 15Hz to 18Hz beta range, relieving fatigue and listlessness.

Healing & Recovery

The Healing & Recovery album uses the power of your mind to convince your body to repair itself. The recording on the album brings your brain down to a Delta state. This state is similar to deep sleep, the point at which your body is most able to heal. In this state, your body will naturally start putting itself back together.

Healthy Blood Pressure

The Healthy Blood Pressure album uses sub-delta frequencies to help soothe the Amygdala and the Hypothalamus. These portions of the brain contribute vasoconstriction, and are thought to play an important role in blood pressure. Putting them at rest should help to reduce your blood pressure, relax your muscles, reduce sweating and warm up your extremities.

Immune System Support

The Immune System Support album contains a single, powerful session that will assist you in entering a stress-free meditative state. While in that state, your mind can rejuvenate and refresh your body’s immune system, helping it to function at its optimal levels. The album uses Alpha and Theta waves to induce this relaxed state and help your brain help your body.

Medical Procedures

The Medical Procedures album contains two sessions, each aimed at common issues that come from having a medical procedure. The Anxiety Reduction session uses Alpha entrainment, and is based on the endodontic anxiety study by Morse, et al. The Pain Relief session also uses Alpha entrainment to reduce pain, and is based on the endoscopy pain study by T. Nomura. Listen to either session during your medical procedure.

Memory Improvement

The Memory Improvement album is based on the work of John Carter, Harold Russell, and Jonathan Williams.The recording stimulates those portions of the brain that have to do with memory. By alternating between Alpha and Beta entrainment levels, the album provides your brain with a memory-growing workout that can dramatically increase your ability to remember dates, times, names, faces and events.

Mood Elevator & Support

The Mood Elevator and Support album contains three separate sessions, all designed to improve your mood. The Gamma Mood Elevator session relies on stimulating gamma protocol to raise mood. Mood Support for Persistent Depression session helps to restore a hemispheric asymmetry, while the Mood Support for Seasonal Affective Disorder session attempts to speed up your brainwaves and increase blood flow to the brain.

Stress Relief

The Stress Relief album contains two sessions, both aimed at relaxing you, relieving your stress and enabling you to control your own mental state. Both sessions rely on Alpha/Theta protocol as well as SMR frequencies to help you build stress resistance. The Stress Relief (Dissociative) session is especially useful if you are generally restless and have trouble relaxing.

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